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This is the page about Zeus the Guitar Lord. If you were looking for the article about his show, then see The Guitar Lord.
Hey. I'm Zeus the Guitar Lord. I don't have a guitar yet.
— Zeus the Guitar Lord, "Tentacle-Vision"
Tentacle-Vision 025
Interests: Music
Occupation(s): Guitarist
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Light blue
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Parents: Mom (mentioned)
Friends: Squidward Tentacles
Enemies: Squidward Tentacles (one-sided)
Series information
Appearance: "Tentacle-Vision"
Portrayer: Dee Bradley Baker
List of characters

Zeus the Guitar Lord is a character who only appears in the episode "Tentacle-Vision."


Zeus the Guitar Lord is a light blue teenage fish. He has a big head and big fuzzy black hair, lavender lips, and wears a red and white striped shirt. He also wears light purple jeans and black boots.


Zeus was first seen on a show on the Bikini Bottom Public Access channel called The Guitar Lord, where he tells the viewers how depressed he is that his mom did not get him a brand new guitar.

Eventually, Zeus took over but the show canceled Squidward's show named Squidward Chat and renamed it Squidward's House Party. Zeus is pleased that he had enough money to buy himself a new guitar and thanks Squidward for it.


  • "Hey. I'm Zeus the Guitar Lord. I don't have a guitar yet."
  • "Thanks, Squidward!"
  • "Pretty much, yeah... my mom got me this one for my birthday."


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