World's Least Exciting Sweater is an area where they hold the World's Least Exciting Sweater. It was seen on a billboard and mentioned by Patrick Star in the episode "Food Con Castaways."


The billboard is held together with bamboo and the poster is mint green in color with an illustration of a purplish-pink sweater on it. Below it reads "20 miles" in dark blue letters. Next to it reads "the world's least exciting sweater," with the words "the world's" and "exciting" written in lime green letters and, the word "least" written in oxford blue, and "sweater" written in a purplish-pink string from the pictured sweater.

Role in episode

SpongeBob and Patrick point out numerous billboards they see while on the road trip to the Food Con, one of them being one for the "world's least exciting" sweater.