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Episode Information
Season №: 4
Episode №: 74b
Airdate: November 17, 2006
Sister episode(s): "Bummer Vacation"
Writer(s): Luke Brookshier
Tom King
Dani Michaeli
Supervising Producer: Paul Tibbitt
Storyboard: Luke Brookshier
Tom King
Animation: Alan Smart
Technical: Vincent Waller
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"Wigstruck" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season four. In this episode, SpongeBob finds a wig and starts wearing it.



One day, on the Ned and the Needlefish tour bus, Ned comes out of the backroom and has a 6 layered wig (with ribbons) on. His bands mates tease him and one accidentally chucks the wig out the window playing monkey in the middle with the drummer. He looks out the window as it flies away, right as SpongeBob SquarePants is taking a walk. It hits him in the face and he falls on the ground. As he gets up he notices it's a wig and goes to Patrick's house. Patrick thinks it's a "brain eating alien," and rubs it (and SpongeBob) forcefully on his rock. SpongeBob yells at him and Patrick puts him down. He then chews part of the wig off. SpongeBob asks why he did that. He replies with the answer, "I thought it was a new type of cotton candy that you wear on your head." SpongeBob says it's a good idea then Patrick asks what it is loudly. SpongeBob replies with the answer, "It's my new wig!" Patrick thinks it's a stupid idea then looks at his watch, he says it's time for his weekly condiment soak. A bathtub randomly appears with a giant jar of mustard next to it. Patrick goes in the bathtub and dumps the mustard all over his body, he then asks SpongeBob for some privacy. SpongeBob walks to work with tons of fish laughing at him, he thinks they're laughing "with" him, when they were actually laughing at him. He then thinks his wig is making everybody be in a good mood. He enters work with a crowd surrounding him. They make fun of him and he thinks they all want wigs too.

He walks backwards into the kitchen and tells Squidward that he'll be in the kitchen if he needed him. He makes some Krabby Patties, while scratching his wig, causing a lot of wig hair to fall on the meat patty. Some customers try the new recipe and aren't satisfied. All of them leave and Mr. Krabs notices. He tells SpongeBob to wear a hairnet or he leaves for the day. Sandy walks in the Krusty Krab while SpongeBob is delivering food. She is about to ask SpongeBob about Karate practice, takes one look at him, and laughs her head off. In the next scene you see Ned's band in a record dealers place. The manager says they're fired because Ned doesn't have hair. The manager then says in Ned's face, "you come back with hair, or don't come back at all." The next day, Sandy walks to SpongeBob's house talking about how she couldn't talk to SpongeBob yesterday because she was laughing too hard. She knocks on the odd double sized door and sees SpongeBob with the wig on, she puts her palm on his elbow and says, "We need to talk." As they are walking through Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob is talking about how his wig brought so much attention. They go in The Reef (movie theater) and watch a movie about wigs. SpongeBob sits in the front row and a lot of sea fish yell at him because the wig blocks 75% of the screen. SpongeBob turns around and says, "Please, return your attention to the movie, I know my wig is glamorus and exciting, but there's no need to start a riot." Scooter says, "That's a great idea! (everyone took out pitchforks and torches) lets start a riot!" SpongeBob screams and runs out of the theater with the riot chasing.

Wigstruck 11
him, he passes the ticket holders and one says, I told you that movie was horrible." In the next scene, SpongeBob and Sandy walking through fields, they walk up to the cliff and SpongeBob makes a speech.

He then lets go of the wig and it flies away, SpongeBob then falls on the ground crying that he'll never accessorise again. Then we see Ned walking through Bikini Bottom screaming stuff about how his career is ruined. The wig then stuffs in his face and Ned realizes it's his old one. He puts one foot on a trashcan and says,"YES! Victory is mine!" In the next scene you see SpongeBob head down, walking through Bikini Bottom and seeing all these fish with Ned's wig. He then feels betrayed. He walks up to a fish that teased him the other day and complains. He tells SpongeBob to look at a giant sign that says Ned and the NeedleFish, and the whole band is wearing the wig, he then realizes that he was cool before anyone else. The fish says, "You used to be cool, but not anymore..." Patrick then walks by SpongeBob and he's relieved that Pat's not wearing a wig. He lifts his arm and SpongeBob sees mini wigs attached to his armpit. Patrick lets SpongeBob borrow one, but says to wash it before he returns it. The episode ends with SpongeBob disgusted by what Patrick said.



 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Clownfish Capers - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [title card]
  Rockin Hood - Nicolas Carr [opening]
  Weird Bridge - Roger Roger [wig flying through air]
  Lap Steel - Nicolas Carr ["I'm ready!"]
  Vibe Q Sting - Nicolas Carr ["What is this?"]
  Harp Ding - Nicolas Carr ["It's a wig!"]
  Inferno - Fredric Bayco [Patrick attacks SpongeBob]
  Gator - Steve Belfer [Patrick eats part of the wig]
  Hello Blues - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [everyone making fun of SpongeBob]
  The Tip Top Polka/The Cliff Polka - Chelmsford Folk Band [at the Krusty Krab]
  Steel Licks (a) - Jeremy Wakefield ["What in Davy Jones' Locker is on your head, son?"]
  Hawaiian Link (b) - Richard Myhill ["Please let me keep it, Mr. Krabs."]
  Tomfoolery - David Snell [Sandy laughing at SpongeBob]
  Rockin Hood - Nicolas Carr [exterior of Bigshot Records]
  The Tip Top Polka/The Cliff Polka - Chelmsford Folk Band [SpongeBob mopping the floor with his wig]
  Sleazy Sax - Richard Myhill ["Hello, handsome!"]
  The Tip Top Polka/The Cliff Polka - Chelmsford Folk Band ["SpongeBob, your head is twice as large as before!"]
  Vibe Sting - Nicolas Carr ["Huh?"]
  Goofy Conversation Version 2 - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [What Do you Think?; at the theater]
  Goofy Conversation Version 1 - Barry Anthony and Nicholas Carr [At the theater]
  Bittersweet Memory - Harry Bluestone ["It's True Tom."]
  Savage Eagles - ? [SpongeBob's wig blocking the screeb]

  Parting of the Clouds - David Farnon ["Can it be? It is! My wig!"]
  Rockin Hood - Nicolas Carr ["Yes! Victory is mine!"]
  Steel Licks (d) - Jeremy Wakefield [everyone wearing wigs]
  Wooden Bear - Gil Flat, Tony Tape, Florian Voelxen ["Wigs, wigs, they're everywhere!"]
  Rockin Hood - Nicolas Carr [Ned, the Needlefish billboard]
  You're Nice - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [ending]



  • During the movie scene, Scooter quickly goes from being a doorman to an audience member.
  • This episode aired in the United Kingdom before the United States.
  • SpongeBob doesn't seem to know that the people of Bikini Bottom are laughing at him, but in some earlier episodes ("Grandma's Kisses," "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic," and others) SpongeBob is embarrassed when people laugh at him.  
  • At the Best Day Ever Online Poll, #13 has a picture of SpongeBob wearing the wig.
  • After SpongeBob gets chased by the angry mob, if one would look at the two doormen at the front, the doorman on the left resembles Nat Peterson's face.
  • The closed-captions performer is the WGBH Media Access Group in this episode.
  • In the scene where SpongeBob and Sandy walk in the fields, one will see that as they walk up toward the cliff, Sandy's tail isn't present anymore until the next episode.
  • This is the second time the town has worn a specific type of head gear. The first was in "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie," when everyone wore Plankton's "bucket heads."
  • The title is a parody of the saying "Lovestruck" or "Starstruck."
  • In Greek, this episode is called Η περούκα which means The Wig.
  • This episode was available on the Whale of a Birthday DVD before it aired on television.

Cultural references

  • Two film posters are seen when SpongeBob and Sandy are going in and out of the movie theater; "My Hair Lady" and "From Hair To Eternity" - parodies of My Fair Lady and From Here to Eternity, respectively.
  • When the members of Ned and the Needlefish start teasing Ned with his wig by catching Ned's wig, they say "Hot potato, catch!" Hot Potato is a famous party game.
  • SpongeBob going into the theater and it showing three silhouettes is a reference to the Mystery Science Theater 3000.


  • When SpongeBob gives Squidward the hair patty, the kitchen window narrows immensely.
  • Patrick eats a part of SpongeBob's wig. But when SpongeBob goes on, his wig is full again.
  • When Patrick soaks in mustard, the "mus" in mustard is cut off, saying "tard," which is deemed inappropriate.
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