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What Day Is It? is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic.


SpongeBob explains about his socks to Squidward, but Patrick comes and wants them to guess what day it is. Patrick keeps saying "Nope." to both of their answers, but the day is Nope Day. Squidward leaves, ready for annoyance.


  • Patrick's Birthday
  • Jellyfishing Day
  • Hula Day
  • Eat More Corn Day
  • Paint Your Shoes Day
  • Armpit Lather Day
  • Wet Noodle Sculpture Day
  • Extra Thumb Day
  • Great Pickle Race Day
  • Give Mr. Krabs All Your Money Day
  • Drive Squidward to Madness Day (Guessed in sarcasm by Squidward)
  • Dope Day (Guessed in sarcasm by Squidward)