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Victoria the Snail

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Victoria the Snail
Aliases: Victoria
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Pink
Eye color: Green
Classification: Sea Snail
Friends: Gary the Snail
Other Snails
Enemies: Fred
Series information
Appearance: "Grooming Gary"
List of characters

Victoria[citation needed] is a sea snail who only appears in the episode "Grooming Gary." She was one of the pets featured in the pet show.


She has purple skin and teal skin under her purple skin. She has a pink shell with a small swirl on it. She also has a brown leash around her shell. She wears a purple bow. She has green eyes and eyelashes. She also has blonde curly hair.


She is next to the first snail who said that her snail name is Lilly. She becomes agitated with all the other snails when Gary speaks out. She used her necklace as a lasso and pulled Fred (her owner) by his eyeballs.

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