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Victor Krabs
Victor krabs
Physical Appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Red
Species: Crab
Part Whale
Spouse: Betsy Krabs (Wife)
Children: Eugene H. Krabs (Son)
Unknown Daughter
Parents: Redbeard Krabs (Father)
Laurette Krabs (Mother)
Grandchildren: Pearl Krabs (Granddaughter)
3 Unnamed Grandsons
Aunts: Sally
Ancestors: King Krabs
William Krabs
Princess Pearl
Prehistoric Krabs
Other relatives: Mrs. Krabs (Daughter-in-law)
Series Information
First appearance: Gullible Pants
Latest appearance: Gullible Pants
List of characters

Victor Krabs appeared as a picture in the wall in the episode Gullible Pants. He is Eugene H. Krabs' late father and Betsy Krabs' husband. He is also the son of Redbeard Krabs and Laurette Krabs, and the paternal grandfather of Pearl Krabs.


Not much is known about Victor other than the fact that he gave his son, Eugene H. Krabs his first dollar, which he spent on a soda (but he misses his dollar, which he considered as his best friend).


  • On the frame, his mustache can be moved upside down.

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"We paid ten dollars for this?"

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