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Valentine's Day Carnival

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Valentine's Day Carnival
Valentine's Day Carnival
Industry: Carnival
Location: Goo Lagoon, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Balloon Vendor
Heart Man
First appearance: "Valentine's Day"
Latest appearance: "Breath of Fresh Squidward"
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The Valentine's Day Carnival is an annual carnival held by Bikini Bottom on Valentine's Day. It first appeared in "Valentine's Day" and also in "To Love a Patty," along with a brief cameo in "Breath of Fresh Squidward". It is near Mount Climb-up and Fall-off and is only held on Valentine's Day.

It is held on the pier at Goo Lagoon.


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  • Ferris Wheel
  • Roller Coaster
  • Fun House
  • Heart-A-Whirl
  • Buddy Bounce
  • Madam Fishy Fortune Teller & Toss-A-Clam
  • Kiddy Rides


  • Cotton Candy
  • Valentine Cards and Gifts
  • Balloons
  • Valentine Sticks


  1. "Valentine's Day"
  2. "To Love a Patty"
  3. "Breath of Fresh Squidward"

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