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    , or the former admins sub-page at all, and the "user" made 3 edits. ]]hi everyone, while looking around,  i noticed that there's a user named "CoolMack", even though he isn't listed in the ESB:Adminstraton page or the former admins page on this wiki, and when i clicked on his name, it redirects to Blue Dude (a user listed in the former admins sub-page, in the chat mod part), CoolMack has 3 edits, and the latest edit he made was on Truth or Square, on October 11, 2012, and he joined the wiki on June 16th, 2014, and he is a chat mod, if anyone has an explantion and/or any thoughts on this, feel free to leave your thoughts on this below.

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    hello everyone, i found out something, the ESB Skype is actaully older than ESB, in fact, older than wikia, feel free to leave your thoughts about this below.

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    This is a List of Episodes that are Upcoming for my Fanon Series:

    • Karate Class
    • Revenge of the New Writers (Although the Page for it is Up)
    • Squid TV 2: Squidward's Findings of ESJ (Original Title: Squid TV II)
    • Professor Squidward 2 (original Title: Return of Professor Squidward)
    • Spongey Crush
    • Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy 7 (Original Title: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 6)
    • Sponge Fencing
    • Plankton's Breakout
    • Plankton's Group of Ultimate Evil
    • SpongeBob in the Future
    • SpongePony SquarePants
    • Trapped By the Storm
    • A Sleepy Day at the Krusty Krab
    • Squidward's unlegal unspection
    • Warren's Back to School
    • Warren's New leaf

    1. Episode 0 (mirror from the old Fanon Wiki)
    2. Little Yellow Book
    3. Professor Squidward
    4. Smoothe Jazz in Bikini Bottom
    5. inSPONGEiac
    6. Karate Star
    7. Squid TV
    8. Pizza Deliver…

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    1. If you have 5 or  more PMs open, The chat will start to Lag

    Main Wiki:

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    Hello EveryBody, This is Tominator777,  if you have Ideas for my Fanon Episodes of SpongeBob, Post Them in the Comments Section. I'm wanting some ideas for my fanon series.

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