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  • I was born on July 28
  • My occupation is writing fanon and gaming
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    This is a List of Episodes that are Upcoming for my Fanon Series:

    • Karate Class
    • Revenge of the New Writers (Although the Page for it is Up)
    • Squid TV 2: Squidward's Findings of ESJ (Original Title: Squid TV II)
    • Professor Squidward 2 (original Title: Return of Professor Squidward)
    • Spongey Crush
    • Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy 7 (Original Title: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 6)
    • Sponge Fencing
    • Plankton's Breakout
    • Plankton's Group of Ultimate Evil
    • SpongeBob in the Future
    • SpongePony SquarePants
    • Trapped By the Storm
    • A Sleepy Day at the Krusty Krab
    • Squidward's unlegal unspection
    • Warren's Back to School
    • Warren's New leaf

    1. Episode 0 (mirror from the old Fanon Wiki)
    2. Little Yellow Book
    3. Professor Squidward
    4. Smoothe Jazz in Bikini Bottom
    5. inSPONGEiac
    6. Karate Star
    7. Squid TV
    8. Pizza Deliver…

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    1. If you have 5 or  more PMs open, The chat will start to Lag

    Main Wiki:

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    Hello EveryBody, This is Tominator777,  if you have Ideas for my Fanon Episodes of SpongeBob, Post Them in the Comments Section. I'm wanting some ideas for my fanon series.

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    Note: Tominator777 has moved on, however he will keep this Blog up as an Achive. An unfair Contravserial  rule on ESB

    You can't Vote till you have 100 Edits, Even if you voted before, Which Sucks because, If you can't vote, it may be a Violation of Wikia Rights, Which would draw more users away from this Wiki, and it turned JosephHawk against the community, it might also cause Hackers to Show Up, as the user with over 100+ Mainstream Edits Might get hacked.

    • AMK152
    • SpongeBob456
    • JosephHawk
    • OnionbNs
    • ZeoSpark
    • Adventuretimesbiggestfan2000

    • 120d
    • Road Runner1
    • Nicko756
    • SummerSpongeFan20
    • omgitskittykatty
    • SweetVictory
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    Here are rules for me with being a chat Mod:

    1. no Kickfest
    2. avoid using:
    • !off
    • iseenoff

    3.only use the Ban Hammer as a Last Resort


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