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  • Theinvisiblehotdog

    Okay. You, right now, are thinking: "Why is he doing Crunchkins as a blog? That's a candy, not Spongebob!" Well, I just tried some and I want to write about it, most likely because I just watched some Nostalgia Critic and I'm now in that reviewing mood. Also, you're thinking: "Review? Uh... you mean rant?" Well, it was gonna be a rant, but I actually kinda like Crunchkins. Also, you're thinking: "Wait, people still watch Nostalgia Critic?! Jeez. Talk about staying relevant!"

    Okay, now back to the Crunchkins. If you haven't heard of them, have you heard of Whoppers? If you haven't heard of Whoppers, think Milk Duds, but with something in the middle. Whoppers are, basically, nougat coated in milk chocolate. Imagine that Crunchkins are basicall…

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  • Theinvisiblehotdog

    Okay. I love the Spongebob DVDs. They give you access to all your favorite episodes of Spongebob so you can enjoy that joyous, porous fry cook. In fact, I love them so much, I bought seasons 1-4, and am planning to get the whole series. My two favorite DVDs (from the time before I got seasons 1-4) are Nautical Nonsense and Sponge Buddies and Where's Gary. But recently, the USA has had a slump in DVDs. And, as a citizen of the USA, I'm not happy about that. So, I bring you, a rant on the USA's unreleased DVDs.

    It all started in 2011. Japan was getting exclusive DVDs about pretty bad episodes. Not the worst thing ever, since the USA was still getting DVDs every few months as usual. Then Poland started getting exclusive DVDs too, but these DVD…

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  • Theinvisiblehotdog

    Hello, users. I am currently in a fit of rage over some DVDs across the world. Sad, isn't it?

    Yes. It is very sad. But you would be too if you found out how Thailand did the season DVDs.

    Okay. So, ya know how Seasons 4, 5, and 6 were originally released on DVDs as Volumes 1 and 2? Well, Thailand did those similarly. For all 6 seasons. (Dunno about seasons 7 or 8. But who cares right now? You can find that out yourself, I'm ranting at the moment!)

    Ahem. Anyway, they split the episodes up in seperate volumes. Guess how many volumes there were, counting all 6 seasons. 12? 18?

    No. 32.

    Yup. You have to buy 32 seperate DVDs to get only 6 seasons. And it gets even more money-grubbingly nonsensical from here, folks.

    Before I explain that, here's a galle…

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  • Theinvisiblehotdog

    This is just for reference. I want to watch the entire series by getting the whole show on DVD, so... anyway, here are all the episodes I still haven't watched.

    1. Friend or Foe - 4/13/07
    2. Spongebob's Last Stand - 4/22/10
    3. Summer Job - 3/23/10
    4. The Play's the Thing - 3/26/10
    5. Sponge-Cano! - 1/28/11
    6. Hide and Then What Happens? - 8/9/10
    7. You Don't Know Sponge - 8/9/10
    8. Accidents Will Happen - 7/18/11
    9. The Hot Shot - 6/18/11
    10. Sentimental Sponge - 4/2/11
    11. Sweet and Sour Squid - 7/20/11
    12. The Googly Artiste - 7/21/11
    13. A Squarepants Family Vacation - 11/11/11
    14. Patrick's Staycation - 11/8/11
    15. Walking the Plankton - 11/7/11
    16. Mooncation - 11/10/11
    17. Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation - 11/9/11
    18. Plankton's Good Eye - 9/23/11
    19. The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom - 11/25/11
    20. Free Samples - 4/6/12
    21. I…
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