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  • Sawpog46

    I decided to interview two well-known, blocked users - QuackersClocks, and Officer Squidward. Both of these users are globalled across Wikia, but for different reasons.

    Luckily, I was able to get ahold of them, and they were both nice enough to allow me to ask them questions. I have asked both of them the same questions, but in seperate interview groups. Let's see how they responded.

    They sound like normal guys. I almost find it hard to believe that these two dudes are globalled on Wikia!

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  • Sawpog46

    President Dubstep, AKA Prez or "Nick" is a retired Administrator and User. He is well known on the wiki as  being an administrator favorite and was the heart of some controversy that is still talked about today. Prez  has shut down his Wikia account completely, and has banned himself across the Wikia Network.

    Prez's interview was one of my first interviews. I enjoyed doing it.

    I enjoyed interviewing Prez. I mostly agree with what he said, and its honestly too bad he left.

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  • Sawpog46

    I've seen this - And had it happened to me - Since 2015, and I'm pretty positive that it has been happening since long before then. This is not a case of occasional gossip in the chatroom. This is fullblown smacktalk, bros. I'm honestly suprised that a wiki that attempts to establish order and a safe-haven for SpongeBob fans has such a serious problem with a topic like this. Yes, it is a serious topic, too - When I can't join chat without receiving a message from the chat bot that I'm evil, and I have to uncover a whole conversation about me to find its origins, we have a problem. One that should be solved ASAP.

    A good way that we can solve this simple problem is a simple solution - Make the mods kick and/or ban any user that is bullying ano…

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  • Sawpog46

    I am leaving ESB. Everybody here thinks I am a psycho chat moderator. Everybody hates me here, except for a couple of people who I can actually call friend. To these people, if you want to talk to me anymore, my Skype is Roger Klotz (Ramesses1303) and here are a few of other accounts owned by me:

    You can also find me on other wikis. Well... goodbye.

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  • Sawpog46

                                     World of Yamara: Battle for Krel'Khazar

            Krel'Khazar was once an area of grass and hills, with some mountains scattered across it. Just like the human capital of Compton, the great orcish city thatl ied within the great landforms of Krel'khazar was massive, owning buildings in all corners of the area. To the north, atop a great hill, was an area of trade and commerce, known as The Market District. Beside it was a place called The Docks, where great floating ships would park to export and import their cargo. Below it was a crime-infested area of lowly shops and terrible thugs. It was known as The Violence District.  It was completely surrounded by barbed fences. Right next to it was a large hill known …

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