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  • Sawpog46

                                     World of Yamara: Battle for Krel'Khazar

            Krel'Khazar was once an area of grass and hills, with some mountains scattered across it. Just like the human capital of Compton, the great orcish city thatl ied within the great landforms of Krel'khazar was massive, owning buildings in all corners of the area. To the north, atop a great hill, was an area of trade and commerce, known as The Market District. Beside it was a place called The Docks, where great floating ships would park to export and import their cargo. Below it was a crime-infested area of lowly shops and terrible thugs. It was known as The Violence District.  It was completely surrounded by barbed fences. Right next to it was a large hill known …

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  • Sawpog46

    Well... this is my first blog. I read that you could post fictional stories. I don't really know if this is true, but I'm going to write a short story, and if I'm wrong about the stories part, please don't ban me - I don't understand this, as I've never blogged before. Well, here it goes, the story of Krel'Khazar:

    Ever since the creation of orcs, there had always been Krel'Khazar - "Krel" means orc in traditional orcish language, and Khazar means "homeland" in common orcish language. Krel'Khazar all together actually means,"Homeland of the Orcs".

    Voe, creator of orcs and ogres, wanted to put them in a place that he deemed perfect for them. This was a continent known as Croshta Morr, which means Orcish Homeland in Alto'Questrian. When it was …

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