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  • Lumoshi

    Hello! Here, I will write about my favorite post-movie episodes, since these are less talked about compared to their companions from seasons 1, 2, and 3.

    season 5, episode 81, aired April 13, 2007

    After lots of foreshadowing to their previous relationship in season 4, I like that this episode takes a look at Krabs and Plankton's friendship. The jokes are hilarious, particularly those involving Stinky ("li-specting" and the pile of money when he gets in the car), as well as the trap door/eject gag. This is also one of the few episodes with good Patchy scenes ("a little thing called a GED, my man").

    season 5, episode 91a, aired July 19, 2009

    This episode was extremely adorable, I loved the designs for all the babies (except Patrick, they could'v…

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  • Lumoshi

    Season 3 review

    August 7, 2017 by Lumoshi

    Here I will review season 3 episode-by-episode. My ratings are , , , , and , ordered from best to worst. Let us begin!

    This is just a brilliant episode to kick off a brilliant season. The lines are brilliantly delivered ("what, it's just an ordinary Krabby — OH MY GOODNESS!" or "good grief he's naked!") and the plot is very interesting as well. Nothing bad to say about this episode (just warning you in advance, I don't have a lot to comment on for the majority of the episodes of this season, so the reviews will be shorter than usual).


    The plot is hilarious and reminds me a bit of the future episode Party Pooper Pants (both involve SpongeBob going completely paranoid and acting like a control freak). There are great lines here ("put th…

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  • Lumoshi

    Season 4 review

    August 1, 2017 by Lumoshi

    Here I will review season 4 episode-by-episode. My ratings are , , , , and , ordered from best to worst. Let us begin!

    The very first episode to premiere after the movie. This one had an interesting plot, although it felt like it was partly recycled from Graveyard Shift, but the writers did enough to keep it fresh. The jokes were hilarious, such as Old Man Jenkins appearing during the "day 23 etc." montage. SpongeBob's interactions with Dr. Peter Lankton were similarly funny, such as his mentions of fiber, jumping jacks, and of course, the piano. The animation style was very different from that of season 3, likely because much of the staff was changed, but it looked good for the most part. Overall, this was a brilliant episode.


    I don'…

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  • Lumoshi

    Hey everyone! For this episode, I will rank the seasons of this show. Season 11 will not be included, as only 3 episodes have aired.

    episodes 127-152, aired 2009-2011

    Season 7 is by far the worst season of the show, and one of the two seasons I think is truly bad.

    The characters were flanderized to their max in this season and had some truly abhorrent and disgusting episodes, such as the infamous A Pal for Gary, which showed that SpongeBob had transitioned from being naïve but kindhearted to an oblivious jerk. The writers completely ignored character development from earlier episodes in here. I know continuity is not SpongeBob's thing, but after making episodes where SpongeBob promises to treat Gary better after learning an important lesson …

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  • Lumoshi

    In contrast to my previous blog, let's now focus on good episodes created after the first movie. Despite fan consensus being that the show suffered a decline in quality after the 2004 movie, that's certainly not to say there weren't several good episodes released since then, especially in the last two seasons with Hillenburg back.

    There were many episodes from season 4 and season 5 that I enjoyed. Their plots and humor made them feel like pre-movie episodes. Some examples of episodes I loved from these seasons are Krusty Towers, Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture, Squidtastic Voyage, Bucket Sweet Bucket, Sing a Song of Patrick, and The Inmates of Summer. They were very enjoyable throughout and certainly are comparable to pre-…

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