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  • Lumoshi

    In contrast to my previous blog, let's now focus on good episodes created after the first movie. Despite fan consensus being that the show suffered a decline in quality after the 2004 movie, that's certainly not to say there weren't several good episodes released since then, especially in the last two seasons with Hillenburg back.

    There were many episodes from season 4 and season 5 that I enjoyed. Their plots and humor made them feel like pre-movie episodes. Some examples of episodes I loved from these seasons are Krusty Towers, Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture, Squidtastic Voyage, Bucket Sweet Bucket, Sing a Song of Patrick, and The Inmates of Summer. They were very enjoyable throughout and certainly are comparable to pre-…

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  • Lumoshi

    What episodes from season 1, season 2, and season 3 do you dislike? I thought this would be an interesting discussion topic as a majority of episodes from these seasons are liked by fans.

    I don't dislike any episodes from these three seasons, but there are a couple I felt were meh.

    I personally am not a huge fan of Squeaky Boots, I felt it was quite annoying and not very funny. Employee of the Month wasn't annoying like the former, but it was boring throughout without much plot or funny jokes to redeem itself. The rest of the episodes in season 1 are great.

    Seasons 2 and 3 are about as close to perfect as this show can get, imo. There weren't any episodes from these two seasons I could deem as meh or bad episodes. Formerly, I had a negative opi…

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  • Lumoshi

    Recently, I've rewatched the entire series from seasons 1-9. I'm currently watching 10, but I don't think any episodes in there will make either top 10 list, so I'll go ahead and make this now.

    It was incredibly hard to select the episodes for this list considering that a vast amount of comic gems came from SpongeBob SquarePants, particularly the first three seasons. Therefore, here is a list of episodes that were unfortunate snubs from this list, but are still extremely good episodes, listed in production order.

    SB-129 (14a), Walking Small (18b), Dying for Pie (24a), Pre-Hibernation Week (27a), Life of Crime (27b), Christmas Who? (28), Shanghaied (33a), The Fry Cook Games (39b), Squid on Strike (40a), Krusty Towers (69a)

    And now, on with the main list.

    season 3,…

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