Dear Readers, I think most of the people who are reading this knows who I am, but if you do not, let me introduce myself: I am Goldenburg111, a FORMER Wikimedian and Wikian, I used to be "Manirroo" until I got globally locked for some occasion. And what you are seeing now is my official retirement blog post. You may ask, why am I making a big deal out of this? Why? Because I am friends with most of the SpongeBob Community here. When I returned to chat a few days back, the users in the chat missed me having been on there. I miss talking to them too, and would like to have more time with them. Basically, the SpongeBob Community is saddened to see me go like this. The reason why I am leaving is due to Real Life Issues, in School for example, some days I am extremely grumpy due to possibly failing grades (barely I do) or bullying, which happens most of the time at my school. So I can be mean on accident, such as using being mean to 120d (sorry).

Another (quite funny actually) reason is my father, who is EXTREMELY Strict about me editing wikis, which he thinks I am actually wasting my time on it, and is also strict about my schoolwork, ever since my miss up with a B in average, he has been really mad at me and forces me to read textbooks every single night for 30 minutes. I obviously do not hate him, as he is a loving, caring father. Another part is that he takes the computer away with him to work so I don't get time to chat with my friends. Which drives me completely insane.


But, in my wish, is it okay if I still keep my moderator rights on chat? I will pop up in chat every month or so to have some fun, which the time for fun will end up for about 20 - 30 minutes.

Thanks everyone for reading this, I love you all!

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