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  • I live in In a pineapple on conch street
  • My occupation is Work at the krusty krab with my pals and then go jellyfishing and karate with sandy!
  • I am A male sponge!
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    scene starts in sando's house* Sando:hi it's me and noob here today to tell you something

    Noob:2 things!

    Sando:and what may the other thing be noob?

    Noob:Im wearing underwear today can I show them?!

    Sando:uhhhh no,so today were making a channel

    Noob:a channel of noobs

    Sando:and sexy hot men

    shows David hasselhoff out of bay watch* Sando:no no Im speaking about me!

    Noob:well to noobs and fun we want you you to control our life

    sando jumps around and kisses the wall* Sando:not like that!

    sando stops* Noob:so tell us what's going on about anything or tell us what colour underwear your wearing

    Sando:don't do that!we want you tell us anything and tell us what should happen in our episodes

    Noob:tell me to wear pink underwear with Anthony Padilla

    Sando:no no!…

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