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January 15, 2013
  • I live in England
  • My occupation is Writing Fan Fiction and Making My Own Films. The odd comic or animation now and then. I love watching films.
  • I am SpongeBob! DESTROYER OF EVIL!!!
  • Cosmobo

    Please help this petition and make this become a reality.

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  • Cosmobo

    This is an oppose and support blog. I have seen multiple discussions stopped by someone saying "I'm Necroposting". If this discussion isn't finished yet, don't shut it down. It's stupid. What if the discussion needs to be continued?

    I'm just saying, I honestly think it's stupid. I support this but...I guess that does t really count.

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  • Cosmobo

    So, I was wondering why we don't have an article about Blackpool Pleaure Beach (Nickelodeon Land) on this wiki. I mean, it's a big theme park in the UK. It contains 3 SpongeBob rides too! Don't you think we should make an article about it?

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  • Cosmobo

    I just copy and pasted Goofy Goober Rock into Google Translate and turned it into Japanese and then turned it back to the English.

    The results were hilarious!

    (goofy fools! lock sponge: You) is a goofy fools! (lock! ) We are all Google feature Google bar's! (lock! And just stupid goofy) of fools! (lock! "Oh! To not play," I got when I say says it is to place the most frequently away from all the toy (Oh! "And not funny way! You could say I was a kid." I say I say children, say it again, and I have to say thank you for the and the (thanks! ) Thank you!!! So go ahead, like me, and I want to think about and if a child the freedom to internal settings! Using the sponge ]imaballizeballizeyeahimaballizeballizeballizebop! I am a goofy fools! (lock…

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  • Cosmobo

    My dream about SB movie 2

    November 29, 2014 by Cosmobo

    Wow I had a dream about SB last night here is what happened

    Bikini bottom overview

    Plankton in chum bucket

    Plankton:I know I will make a castle!

    Spongebob comes out of krusty krab



    A mystery fish comes by in a knight suit

    Name is Jim as I can remember

    Jim comes into krusty krab

    Spongebob in kitchen again

    Mr krabs comes in

    Mr krabs:spongebob!

    Spongebob:mr krabs!

    Spongebob tells mr krabs something this was muted by the way

    Spongebob,squidward and mr krabs are in the office

    Mr krabs rolls out sheet of paper

    Planktons castle is on paper

    Mr krabs explains stuff[IM SORRY BUT THIS MUTED]

    Jim comes in for a reason

    3 hours later[YES A TIME CARD CAME UP]

    Everyone is in suits for a reason in the castle

    Another fish is behind Jim [UNKNOWN NA…

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