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Hello!!! I am travisplatypus!!! When I was little I used to be a SpongeBob Fanatic with SpongeBob being my favorite show and I would have tons of SpongeBob mercahndise. It remains the same today but with Phineas and Ferb instead of SpongeBob. If you wish to contact me about SpongeBob, I will be more actice on the fanon wiki working on my fanon series, Leader Plankton!.

P.S. Tomorrow will be my last day here. My New Year's Resolution is to never edit here in 2013.

Awesome SpongeBob Videos

File:Firmly Grasp it! (ORIGINAL CLIP)
Spongebob Acts Natural 00:43

Spongebob Acts Natural

Wumbo 00:26


E Minor 00:14

E Minor

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