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aka Yvesia

  • I was born on July 16
  • I am female

Info About MySelf

Hey , welcome on SnufJennette's Page

I like : Spongebob Squarepants , iCarly And Victorious

I Choose between them and are now posting every day a picture of spongebob's Episode's .

I'm 13 Years Old Now and My birthday is on 16th of July ... I don't have many friends on Wikia but i think i'll get them fast :D

If You hating me or one of my picture's then i don't know why you are here XD

I'm From Holland , But i can tell ya that i can type and speak english very well ^^ ...

I Have also Twitter , Please Follow me : @JustJennetteFan

Wanna Know more about me ??

Just Ask and leave an Reply ^^


What I Like

My Fav Movie's : Avatar , Star wars & James Bond

My Fav Book's : I do not read any kind of books

My Fav Tv Charaters : Sam Pucket , Spongebob SquarePants , Cat Valetine , James Maslow & Cadence Nash

My Fav Tv Show's : Spongebob Squarepants , The Penguins Of Madagascar , iCarly , Victorious & Big Time Rush

My Fav Teen star's : Jennette Mccurdy & Ariana Grande

My Birthday : 16th July

My Fav Website's : Hyves , Facebook , Youtube , Wikia & Twitter

My Fav Game : The Legend of Zelda

My Fav Game Charaters : Zelda , Link , Sonic & Blaze

My Fav Music Style : Pop , Rock & Country

My Fav Color : Black

My Fav Animal : Bunny / Rabbit

My Fav Youtube Chanel : Smosh

My Fav Youtube Video : The legend of Zelda Rap by Smosh

My Fav Food : Meatballs

My Fav Weather's : Snow & Tornado's

My Fav Artist : Jennette Mccurdy & Michael Jackson

wanna know more , just ask and i will give you the answer :)

My Favorite Pages

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My Favorite Episodes

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Where Can you Find me More ??

You can Find me on twitter, hyves or facebook ^^

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