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Patapon Donchaka

aka ㄨ.Instant

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May 6, 2013

....Oh My....
      —Patapon Donchaka

Hello <insert name here>

I'm just a Rollback person here and I've been a Super fan of The Spongebob Squarepants series and for more info about me check here

  • Do you know that meme of the Fad That Patrick says
    I just found you're Tumblr
          —Unknown User w/ Patrick
    I forgot his/her name oh well. Credits to the person who made it, if you know the picture please tell me.
  • I will now majorly edit here.
  • I will try my best to be an Admin. (If they have more slots)
Cannon This user is a rollback (a user with the ability to undo problematic edits in an easier manner) on The SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki. (verify)


  1. I have been blocked for about 2 hours. For making a useless edit. Wow irony!
  2. I'm sorry for not making my user page interesting, because I don't really like to make those kinds of dirty pages.
  3. If you think I'm just one of those "other" users. Think again.
  4. Sorry for making the Recent Activity full of my edits.. (Sometimes)
  • For that, I prefer editing a lot in 1 day other than editing for straight days (weeks, months, years, decades, scores, centuries, or millenniums).
  1. Please bear with me that my edits are mostly minor edits.
  2. Here's my steam account, I made a new one.
  3. I'm Ranked 39!
  4. Semi-Active because of school.
  5. One of the users with only a short amount of time to be appointed with roles here!
  6. Recently I have downloaded all episodes of Season 1 on my PS Vita, nostalgia, but I have recently moved it to my computer and deleted it in my PS Vita. Replaced it with Rap Battle Parody 1-5.

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