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Season 1 Reef Blower (boring...)
Season 2 Wormy (hate the bug part)
Season 3  Missing Idenity (boring)
Season 4 SquidBob Tentaclepants (disturbing)
Season 5 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob (pointless and dumb)
Season 6 The Splinter  (omg no, just no)
Season 7 Hide and Then What Happens (pointless and weird)
Season 8 Face Freeze (extremely disturbing)
Season 9 Yellow Little Book (So far, this episode was like one of the rudest kinds I know!)

These are the Worst episodes.

Opinions on SpongeBob

Season 1 7/10
Season 2 9.7/10
Season 3 9/10
Movie #1 8.5/10
Season 4 8/10
Season 5 6/10
Season 6 5/10 (Gets bashed alot, and it wasn't sooo bad.) 
Season 7 3/10 
Season 8 7/10
Season 9 7/10 right now.
Season 10 TBA
Movie #2 Saw the trailer. Looks amazing!

My Favorite Episodes :)

Season 1: Pizza Delivery ("PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!!!!")

Season 2: Survival of the Idiots (amazilying stupid and amusing)

Season 3: Chocolate with Nuts (funny episode)

Season 4:  Whale of a Birthday (amazing plot imo)

Season 5: Breath of Fresh Squidward (loved the episode)

Season 6: To Squarepants or Not to Squarepants (The only Season 6 episode I liked.)

Season 7: The Inside Job (Like the scene when Plankton said ("I HATE MY LIFE!!")

Season 8: Oral Report

Season 9: So far my favorite one there is Plankton's Pet :)

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