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May 19, 2013
  • I live in a place where people have accents
  • I was born on February 12
  • My occupation is helping at Wikia
  • I am invisible, and standing to your left

"Don't antagonize another user... like Squidward antagonized the Sea Bear" ~ Quote by Me

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This is JosephHawk's Page!
Hello! =)
I am a huge fan of Spongebob, a huge fan of Wikia, and a huge fan of Encyclopedia Spongebobia! You will most likely see me lurking in this wiki's Chat room, willing to help a hand to anyone who needs it. Hope I see you there! :)

I am an admin or bureaucrat on the three main SpongeBob Wikis: Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, Fanonia SpongeBobia, & SpongeBob Answers. If you have a question regarding any of those, please message me!

Anchor-symbol This user is a sysop (also known as an administrator) on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia. (verify)
Joined May 19, 2013
Became A Chat Mod. April 14, 2014 (graciously promoted by Spongebob456)
Administrator May 5th, 2014 (Because of the faith you placed in me, I won in the biggest landslide in this site's history. Thank you all!)
Favorite Character Mr. Krabs
Second Favorite Character SpongeBob
Favorite Episode The Camping Episode, Employee of the Month, Just One Bite, Fear of a Krabby Patty

Seriously, check this game out. It is purely amazing!

UndetectedEnding JosephHawk has won Stealing the Diamond with the Undetected Ending.
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What Have I Have Been Doing Since Becoming Admin

  • Customizing the Chat (I added the krabby patty for the Chat Mod. symbol, and I am adding more emoticons).
  • Edited numerous MediaWiki pages.
  • Added special color highlights to admin's and bureaucrat's username links.
  • Replaced the message notification bubble with SpongeBob image.
  • Added USERNAME template.
  • Added Title Template
  • Deleted some stuff (yes, it was I who mistakingly deleted the main page).
  • Blocked vandals and spammers.
  • Removed irrelevant images
  • Fixed and updates templates. 
  • Protected and unprotected pages.
  • Updated templates

Other SpongeBob Wikis

  • Admin at the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki.
  • Bureaucrat & Admin at SpongeBob Answers Wiki.
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  • I am going to try to attend all administrator meetings to help craft new ideas and policies for this Wiki.
  • Continue helping wherever I am needed
  • Help stop debates
  • More to come...

Hi! I am JosephHawk, If you see me around a wiki, you'll probably see me:

  • Cleaning Up
  • Undoing Spam/Vandalism
  • Giving Insight
  • Formatting
  • Or Just Visiting

    You will also most likely see me hanging around the #cvn-wikia, #wikia-vstf, and ##wikia IRC channels under the name "JosephHawk", and in the Community Central Chat, where I am a Chat Moderator.

  • If you wish to know more about me (I don't know why though), see my Wikipedia user page here.


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