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==About Me==
I am i wiki person. I like to edit alot. My goal is to become ranked at least #100 on the Ninjago Wiki and the Spongebob Squarepants Wiki. So far I have contributed to Brickipedia, Ninjago wiki, Spongebob Wiki, Luigi's Mansion Wiki, and the Dragon Ball Wiki.
GG, but i am not here.
==My Contributions==
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* [[Special:Contributions/F.U.N.|User contributions]]
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* Other Wiki's
* To this wiki.
[[Category:Users with over 1,500 edits]]
==My Favorite Pages==
[[Category:Male users]]
[[Category:Former administrators]]
* [[Spongebob Squarepants]]
* [[Patrick Star]]
* [[Jelly Patty]]
* [[Chum Patties]]
* [[Sheldon J. Plankton]]
* [[Eugene H. Krabs]]
==My Favorite Episodes==
*[[Bubble Buddy Returns]]
*[[Pest of the West]]

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GG, but i am not here.

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