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July 19, 2012
  • I live in Aruba
  • I was born on January 16
  • I am Female:p
Darylaine Kransen
092 nice of you to visit my profile!
My favourite cartoon SB!
My Favourite color Red
Favourite Character Spongebob!
Greatest dreams To taste a Krabby Patty!imagewidth = 180

About Me

Hi!My Name is Darylaine Kransen.I love this wikia.I do edits all the time.If you want to tell me anything about it,you can do it at the talk section.If you want to contact me in another way,my email just started secundary school,so i might be inactive for a little time.

Best Couple

Spandy!They are so cute together!I think they are married because the priest didnt know it was a play;)

On this wiki

Please be nice on this wiki!This wiki is for great and awesome p

Im not leaving until you prove that u are a nice user!

eolple who support SB!If you are nice on this wiki,youre a great user!

My Interests

i <3 ice cream!
Download (2)7987

Special delivery from Darylaine 12:Pizza with extra mushrooms!

i <3 kitties!

i <3 doggies!



Favourite Characters

  • Spongebob Squarepants.Hes funny,adorable,cute and has an cute laugh.
  • Patrick Star.Hes super cute and i like his color.I like his dumbness cause its kinda adorable to me:)
  • Squidward Tentacles.To me Squidy is handsome:)I like how hes always teasing SB and SB actually believes it!HAHAHAHA!
  • Sandy Squirrel.Sandy's science is super awesome!Agreed?

I dont wanna write about my despises cause i dont think i really have one.Oh,and for Mr.Krabs and Plankton,they are sometimes my favourites and sometimes not :s


Like i said,being nice is sooo great.And im mean too to mean users:/

Even Cat can prove it!

Cat:Darylaine 12 seems really mean,but dont worry,she is.

<div class="floatleft">Kitty1</div>

Thanks Again for visiting my profile!That makes me so happpyyy!

See ya on this wikia!

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