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Chakor Monique Rendall James Channing
General information
Interests: Plotting revenge on Kamalia Phellan
Playing a pipe organ
Occupation(s): None
Tried to be a bartender and a food store cashier
Education: Unknown (private school)
Aliases: Chakor Channing
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Eye color: Yellow
Classification: Werewolf
Friends: Kamalia Phellan (formerly)
Pet(s): None
Employer: Himself
Enemies: Kamalia Phellan
Anyone who does not like him
List of characters

Chakor Monique Rendall James Channing, often referred to as Chakor Channing or just Chakor, and in some cases "Rendy", is a 92 year-old werewolf and serves as the primary antagonist in the Life's a Fish and Then You Fry film series[1].

His main goal in what's left of his life is to exact revenge on a girl named Kamalia Phellan whom Chakor was once friends with in school and now believes tricked him into thinking that they were friends at one time, when in reality, Chakor heard this from an untrustworthy source and since Chakor secretly loved Kamalia, this made him more cowardly to ever ask her the truth. Hence, Chakor instead, devoted the rest of his life to trying to find simple and non-dangerous ways to take revenge upon Kamalia. Hence, Chakor became a werewolf because he believed that it was the only way that he could take revenge on Kamalia without hurting or serious inguring himself. He later sneaked into Kamalia's bedroom one night and bit her, this turned her into a werewolf like Chakor and was seemingly his revenge on her. Yet, Chakor continues to try and find other ways to exact revenge on her.


Chakor lives in a large, three-story, mansion-like house on Nightmare Hill, which is located on the top of a large hill above a graveyard. His only company is the "drunky" alien named Frank who crash landed in Chakor's yard over six years ago. Chakor always stays inside his home and only comes out at night to steal food from local stores since he is jobless and will never take the time to ever look in the classified adds to look for a job. Many of his neighbors have complained to both him and the local police department about his "late-night thefts", but the police believe that Chakor is just "a poor soul trapped in the body of a werewolf" and never get after him about his crimes[2].

Despite all of Chakor's health issues, crimes (including a drunk driving incident), failed revenge attempts, etc, there is still some of his good side from when he was friends with Kamalia and before he turned into a werewolf. He is often tough of as his hometown's most deadly criminal and feared by many townspeople because they think that he is a monster. Chakor is not necessarily all that evil and is mostly just what the police say he is: a poor human soul trapped in the body of a werewolf. He was simply to cowardly to ask Kamalia the truth back in middle school, plus with Frank always annoying him to get him wine, Chakor cannot find many things to do other than plot revenge and play a pipe organ.

Character traits


Chakor Channing is very wolf-like since he is a werewolf. However, since Chakor is nearly always in werewolf form, some people think that he might be some other kind of supernatural creature rather than a werewolf that only changes when there is a full moon. Chakor has many aged features such as thin skin, bloodshot eyes, and also discolored skin because of his heart problems.

He has yellow eyes like a typical wolf, sharp teeth, pointed, ears, and long dark gray hair like that of the character Israel Hands from the novel Treasure Island. He has thin skin due to his age and his fingers are long and skinny with sharp black claws. He wears a black robe with purple trimming as his regular cloths and a purple robe with black trimming for pajamas.


Chakor Channing is very depressing, sadistic, revengeful, and is completely obsessed with taking revenge on Kamalia Phellan. He is never very sympathetic and hates the feeling of love. However, Chakor can be loving when it comes to love for a family, but never romantic love. This is mostly because he lost Kamalia as a friend. Whenever Frank brings up Kamalia to him, he is quick to anger, will yell at him, and tell him to go away. Despite Chakor's continuing love and hatred for Kamalia, he is also obsessed with the love of money, which he doesn't have and obtains by sneaking money out of the cash register at a local gas station. When he is not playing his pipe organ, he will count all of the money that he has stolen.

Chakor never gets along with Frank the alien very well and only allows him to live with him because Chakor's soft side feels sorry for Frank because from what Frank told him, he was banished from his home planet, Mars, for no reason. Despite Chakor's feeling sorry for Frank, he always argues with about the vast quantity of wine that he drinks. He and Frank are always complaining to each other.

Chakor can act very aggressive and murderous to people who does not like or do not like him. He hates to be called names or told to "shut up", he will react very violently to this and might even attempt to kill somehow for saying such a thing. Yet ironically he uses this talk quit often. He is obsessed with revenge itself and although he is never arrested for his crimes, he will sometimes frame his neighbors or someone who he does not get along with for the crime just because he enjoys to see others get into trouble, especially if that person has called Chakor any names. He is very sadistic and enjoys other peoples' pain and misery. Since Chakor lost Kamalia as a friend, he enjoys to see disagreement, arguments, or even hatred between two friends.


Chakor has several health problems which are some of the cause as to why he tends to stay inside his home often. Chakor has poor health and pays for his weekly doctors visits with the money that he sneaks out of the cash registers in local gas stations. His doctor once said to him that there was no sense in trying to make him any healthier, but Chakor makes his doctor continue his weekly visits and treatments by turning into a werewolf right in front of him and threatening to slit his throat with his claws. His heart is black and shrunken which makes strongly resemble a raisin, it also causes his skin and blood problems which make his skin very thin and discolors it bright gray. His skin is also discolored because of his obsession with smoking a pipe.

His teeth were bright yellow because he gave up brushing his teeth back when he was in middle school and recently had all of his teeth pulled out at his doctor's. He now wears false canine teeth which are always white. Naturally, he paid for his teeth pulling and false teeth with money that he stole.

He has stiff muscle problems and cannot go outside in the winter without wearing at least two jackets because the cold causes his what's left of his muscles to stiffen. Chakor honestly hates cold weather and says that he would move to Florida for the winter if he had the money. His stiff muscle problems are also caused by him being a werewolf since the transformation makes his body parts and organs shift into different places. Although, strangely, Chakor only turns human once a year during the Wolf Moon in January.


Chakor has one of the most intelligent minds in all of his region. However, his personality to be evil makes him a better at planning schemes. Although the average human brain can produce 20-25 watts of electricity, his doctor told him that his brain can produce at least 53 watts-barely. Although despite his extreme intelligence when it comes to organization, planning evil schemes, etc, Chakor is terrible at doing basic math, his brain works visually and vocally, making it so that he can only answer a complex math question if he is vocally asked to do so by another person. Some say that the part of his brain which depends on instincts (the werewolf side) is the cause of his disability to do mathematics.

His mind seems to be a one-track-mind which makes it easy for him to solve math questions if he keeps on practicing for a while. His mind is also quick to change subjects despite his focus on one subject at a time. He sees others like his prey and patiently waits for the right time strike, such as framing his neighbors for his store robberies.


Chakor has never had an official career or job anywhere due to his poor ability to cope with others. Back when he was young and graduated from high school, Chakor tried to get a job at a local bar because he knew that the type of people who came to bars he would be able to get along. However, since he was not at the age 21 at that time, his request to work at the bar was rejected because he was not old enough to drink alcohol, which ironically resulted in him drinking underage and causing a devastating three-car crash. He was soon sent to the local jail for twenty years.

After being released from jail and realizing that he could not find a suitable job, Chakor resorted to living on Nightmare Hill and stealing money from local gas station cash registers to support himself at the age of 39. Although he still attempted to find other jobs. He once applied for a job at the local food store, but was once again rejected because of his drunk driving history and grades from school. Him being a werewolf all the time certainly did not help either.


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