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Will it be Spongebob Wiki?

Yes, but really make a good page or something for badges. Which I like. My name is Carklebob Fizzlepants. (Carkle100) 
R.A. Pennypincher

My picture.


He appeared in Roblox with a green shirt and jeans with a present, a scarf, and a blue bandana. Which is on his head.

guess306 A lot of uses.
Carkle100/carkle100 Used in Wikia and Kongregate. It also has a lot of uses.
Tyrone Carino/tyrone Used for computer.
 He is also male.

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  • SpongeBob #1

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Who is CarkleBob FizzlePants?

Me! It was a made up name. I used it just for fun!

About CarkleBob FizzlePants

CarkleBob FizzlePants is a debut character, but he didn't appear in the show, he is a user. This username is made up. It was used by Carkle100. It was similar to the name, SpongeBob SquarePants.

The Town of EBR05:40

The Town of EBR

Me from roblox again.

There is also a video here.

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