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Hi There, <insert name here>

Real name: Anderson
Age: Old
Birthday: Everyday
Gender: Dude
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Species: Human
Residence: Earth
Other names: A man, Super A, A today, rae g-A, King Andros, stormageddon emperor of All, and Joe
Personality: Awesome
User rights: All
Occupation: Wiki King
Friends: Me, Myself, and I
Relationship: Me, Myself, and I

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  • I'm awesome
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Gary's Food Bowl, Gary's Violin, Dumpster,SpongeBob's Name Tag, Sea Unicorn, Plankton's Robot, List of Catchphrases, Sandy's Robot (What Ever Happened to Spongebob?), Spongebob's Pet Scallop, Water Helmets, Plankton Robot, Bubbles' Inter-Dimensional Spacecraft, SpaceBob InvaderPants, Plankton's Giant Robot, Plankton-Bot, Stinky Bubble, Red Plankton-Bot, Bob the Sponge, Spongebob's Clubhouse, The Great Krabby Patty Famine, Patrick's Forehead, Travel Agent, Bikini Travel Agency, Crying Jonny, Business Industries, Stockholder Eel, Jenkins, Widow Duncan, Galleria Diphtheria, Captain Scarfish, Mr. Krabs's Cargo Ship, Octopus Sailor, Ensign, Simmy and Tally, Plankton's Bus, Patrick's Taste Buds, Patrick! The Game (game),

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