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Not to be confused with The unnamed nurse.

The unnamed green doctor is a character who only appears in the episode "Code Yellow."


He is a short, stout green fish with an orange fin on his back. He wears clear, circular glasses and a white doctor's uniform along with teal pants and brown shoes. He is shorter in size than the purple doctor.

Role in episode

He and his friend, the purple doctoe, see SpongeBob and immediately believe him to be a doctor. He follows SpongeBob everywhere in the episode, watching his ways of solutions, after he had already told the patients it wouldn't work out. He finds SpongeBob's treatments to be odd, but considers him prolific when they work out. He wants SpongeBob to give Squidward his nose job, believing he is a better doctor.

Despite many failed attempts to do so, the doctors are still impressed that he finally succeeded. He is happy with the result until SpongeBob tells them he is actually a fry cook and not a real doctor, and SpongeBob leaves. From the shock, the purple doctor faints into his hands.