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The unnamed band was a band that made their only appearance in the episode "Sing a Song of Patrick," performing at Bigshot Records.


The unnamed band was composed of four members. One played keyboard and was tall and yellow, one was a drummer and was short and fat with a lavender color, one was an acoustic guitarist and was orange with black hair, and one was an electric guitarist, and was green with brown hair.


The band that made creatures' poems into song. They died of an unknown cause, but it is hinted that Patrick's song was thought to be so repulsive that it killed them all after they were done recording it. Previously, one of the members said that they were going to play the song, even if it killed them. Their graves appeared in a cemetery, where a man gave their record of Patrick's song to Patrick. It is unknown what the members' names were, bu


The band's graves.

t some guesses were made and put up above. The fish who was left-handed appeared in "Walking the Plankton." He was playing the guitar on the cruise ship.


  • They all died because of the song Patrick created.

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