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The unnamed band was a band that first appears in the episode "Sing a Song of Patrick," performing at Bigshot Records.


It was composed of four members. One played a keyboard and was tall and light yellow, and had a pointy mustard-yellow dorsal fin and a blue shirt. One was a drummer who was short and overweight with a lavender color. Another was an acoustic guitarist with light orange skin, black hair, and wore a teal shirt. The last one was an electric guitarist, and was olive green with light brown hair.

None of them are still alive.

Role in seriesEdit

"Sing a Song of Patrick"Edit

They were the band that made citizens' poems into songs. They died due to Patrick's song "I Wrote This," which was thought to be so repulsive that it killed them all after they were done recording it. Previously, one of the members said that they were going to play the song, even if it killed them.

Their graves appear in a cemetery, where a man gave their recording of Patrick's song to Patrick.

"The Slumber Party"Edit

The unnamed band appears in the film Slumber Party Zombie Attack.

"Walking the Plankton"Edit

The left-handed fish aplears in this episode. He plays the guitar on the cruise ship.

Sing a Song of Patrick 47

The band's graves


  • Their headstone's only known words are "R.I.P.", which stands for Rest In Peace.
  • Either "The Slumber Party" and "Walking the Plankton" take place before "Sing a Song of Patrick" or the band member(s) reappearance in the former two episodes are a continuity error on the writers' parts.