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SpongeBob Universe Meeting Summary, December 11, 2012


Project Cleanup Meeting Began 8:01 PM EST

  • Contents of general EPISODE article
  • Infobox
  • Title
  • Title card
  • Season #
  • Episode #
  • Airdate
  • Sister episodes
  • Credits in opening credits
  • Guests from all sources (define guests)
  • Chronology
  • Head (keep as is)
  • Character list
  • Only include character relevant to the episode (If taken out, does this change the Plot?)
  • 1. Synopsis (no longer called Plot)
  • No links, except for first mention of places
  • 2. Production
  • 2a. Development (behind the scenes, deleted scenes, the making of, casting)
  • 2b. Music
  • 2b-1. Paragraph explaining featured music (bold and link titles)
  • 2b-2. Chronological list of music used
  • 2c. Release (Advertising, Marketing, Airdates, Viewers)
  • 2d. Reception (Ratings, Reviews, Awards, Legacies)
  • Fix reception reception template
  • 3. Trivia
  • 3a. Cultural references
  • 3b. Errors
  • 4. References
  • 5. External links
  • Contents of TRANSCRIPT article
  • Good; follow current guidelines
  • Contents of episode GALLERIES
  • No captions
  • Show order of images as the appear to give an idea as to what is in the story
  • Contents of CREDITS subpage
  • Full credits list
  • Up for further discussion
  • We will come up with an assessment scale for each of the 4 categories (Episode, Transcript, Gallery, Credits)
  • We will come up with a team of reviewers to grade each group of articles in the assessment.
  • Once each reviewer has given the article an "A" rating, the article will automatically be protected.

Meeting ended at 10:41 PM EST


Discuss below what you think of the results, if you have any other suggestions, etc. Stuff in bold has not been full decided upon. — AMK152 03:56, December 12, 2012 (UTC)

Excellent. Just how I would have had it. I found the gallery captions made the pages look untidy. --Spongebob456 (Talk) 17:18, December 12, 2012 (UTC)

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