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Ukulele Bottom

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Ukulele Bottom
Location: Pacific Ocean
First appearance: "I Was a Teenage Gary" (mentioned)
Latest appearance: "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" (possibly)
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Ukulele Bottom is a city mentioned by Patrick Star in "I Was a Teenage Gary." It has been speculated by many fans that the Biannual Jellyfish Convention in "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" takes place here and that the episode takes place between the events of "I Was a Teenage Gary."


It holds the (bi)annual Jellyfish convention, once or twice per year. Although, it is possible that it only held it once.

Role in the series

In "I Was a Teenage Gary," Patrick arrives at SpongeBob's home to pick him up for the Annual Jellyfisher's Convention in Ukulele Bottom, and SpongeBob asks Squidward Tentacles to take care of his pet snail, Gary.

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