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Ukulele Bottom is a town mentioned by Patrick Star in I Was a Teenage Gary

In the episode, Patrick arrives at SpongeBob's home to pick him up for the Annual Jellyfisher's Convention in Ukulele Bottom, and SpongeBob asks Squidward Tentacles to take care of his pet snail, Gary.

Ukulele Bottom itself is never seen in this or any other episodes, and it is unknown if it will ever appear in any future episodes. Although it is presumably home to the Annual Jellyfisher's Convention for each year, which lasts a whole weekend. Due to the word 'Ukulele' in its name, the town itself is most likely found around one of the Hawaiian Islands. For some reason, people's jellyfish nets seem to have a square frame, rather than a circular one. Also, it could just be mentioned one time only.

It may be thought that the Bi-Annual Jellyfish Convention was in Ukelele Bottom, but this is unconfirmed.

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