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Tyler[3]-Billy[2] Smith[4]/Rechid[5] is a kid fish who makes several cameo appearances throughout the series, beginning with the episode "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic."


He is a light olive-green fish with a light tan underside, a dark green dorsal fin, and light orange lips. He wears light blue pants.

Role in series

"Wishing You Well"

Mr. Krabs tries to get a loose quarter, only for Martha to stop him and tell him that it is Tyler's quarter. He then questions Martha if Tyler stole the quarter, and Martha slaps her purse at Mr. Krabs. Tyler then uses it to throw the quarter into the well.

"Sun Bleached"

He gets tanned to attend the party, only to be thrown in a dumpster full of untanned children after Craig Mammalton reveals that his buttocks are pale.


  • Tyler's last name is either Smith or Rechid, depending on what mother he is with.


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