Not to be confused with Awesome Eddie.

Twitch is the nickname of a fish who surfs in Goo Lagoon along with the rest of the surfers. He appears in the episodes "SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One," "Treats!," and "Bulletin Board."


Twitch is a tall light green fish who has blonde, messy hair. He wears green shorts and a necklace with a tooth on the end of it. He sometimes has severe neck twitches, which is how he got his nickname.


  • His name might have inspired the live streaming platform called "" However, his first appearance was made before that website was made.
  • In "Bulletin Board," SpongeBob refers to Twitch as "Surfer Fish."
  • Two versions of Twitch are seen together in the online game The Ultimate Bikini Bottom Buddy Search.
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