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The Truck driver (Marlin) is a character that first appears in the episode "Pizza Delivery."


The truck driver is a dark purple swordfish with sideburns and a lavender fins. He wears a dark orange shirt and a light green cap.

In "Food Con Castaways," the truck driver is yellow in color with a green fin.


The truck driver is first seen when he almost runs over SpongeBob and Squidward. His only line is "Crashin' frashin' breakdancers!" He says this line because SpongeBob is doing a hitchhiking dance in the middle of the road, signalling the driver to stop. He makes a cameo appearance yelling that out. He blows his airhorn to make SpongeBob and Squidward move out of the way. Squidward thinks that the driver is going to stop, but the driver never does and continues to drive on, nearly running SpongeBob over.

The truck driver is seen again in the episode "Food Con Castaways," where he honks his horn when Patrick makes the signal.