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Toy Squidward
Toy Squidward
Type: Toy
Appearance: "Bummer Vacation"
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Toy Squidward is a toy that SpongeBob plays with in the episode "Bummer Vacation."


Toy Squidward looks very similar to real Squidward. The Toy Squidward is a light greenish-blue with a brown shirt and reddish eyes. The Toy has a large forehead, a large nose, oval shaped eyes, and a smiling mouth. The Toy has a skinny body with two tentacle arms and four tentacle legs. Toy Squidwards arms move up and down with joints in its shoulders. The Toy Squidward wears a tiny Krusty Krab hat.


He appears in the episode "Bummer Vacation" when SpongeBob tries to find something to get his mind off the Krusty Krab during his vacation. He then finds his Krusty Krab play-set, which contains this toy, along with a Toy SpongeBob, Toy Patrick and Toy Mr. Krabs. However, the toys just get him back to thinking about the Krusty Krab.


  • It is unknown where SpongeBob bought the Toy Squidward or if he made him.
  • Unlike the normal Squidward, his expression is happy.

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