Toy Robot
Producer: Toy Barrel
Type: Toy
First appearance: "Toy Store of Doom"
Latest appearance: Toy Barrel Peril
List of objects

Toy Robot is a toy that was first seen in the episode "Toy Store of Doom." They reappear in the online game, Toy Barrel Peril.


The Toy Robots from the episode are very small and teal in color. They also have a wind-up key on their backs.

Role in the series

The Toy Robots were first seen as merchandise items at the Toy Barrel. Early in the episode, Patrick winded one up and it walked off. Later, when SpongeBob and Patrick were running from a "monster," it turned out to be the same Toy Robot that Patrick winded up earlier. SpongeBob and Patrick shoot bubbles at it, but they failed to stop the Toy Robot. The Toy Robot soon stopped walking toward them much to their relief. However, Patrick ends up winding the Toy Robot again and a frightened SpongeBob and Patrick run out of the Toy Barrel.

The Toy Robots were later featured as enemies in Toy Barrel Peril.

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