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Toy Barrel
Industry: Toy store
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Steve
Frank the Guard
Products: Toys
First appearance: "Toy Store of Doom"
Latest appearance: Toy Barrel Peril
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The Toy Barrel is a toy shop that is mainly seen in the episode "Toy Store of Doom." The Toy Barrel cashier, Steve, works there. SpongeBob, Patrick, and other fish went there to buy toys. When SpongeBob and Patrick found about the toy store not being open yet, Patrick cried, until a construction crew finished it. It has many robotic toys and puppet toys. The Toy Barrel could be related to Toys R' Us or Target, but it appears to be more like Toys R' Us. It could also likely target because Toy Barrel sells clothes, (the tu-tu). The Toy Barrel is probably a franchise rather than a family business because of the huge advertisting campaign shown before the opening of the store in the beginning of the episode, and it is well known that the opening of a huge toy store or semi-toy store franchise location never go unnoticed.



The inside looks like a regular toy store. It has rows of shelves with toys in them. SpongeBob and Patrick got locked in the Toy Barrel in Toy Store of Doom. The counter with the cash register is located near the entrance.
Interior of teh barrel
From this we can assume that there is only one register. Restrooms are located at the back of the building.


The Toy Barrel is a huge barrel with a plaque on it that says "Toy Barrel" in yellow letters. At the beginning of the episode, nearly twenty children are at the front door waiting for it to open. It's entrance was designed to not let anything in, or, in this case, anyone out without unlocking it first.


The only known employees are Steve (cashier) and a security guard. The Toy Barrel could be a family owned business or owned by a franchising company.

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