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The Tough Fish appear in multiple episodes, some being "Krusty Krushers," "Plankton's Army," "No Weenies Allowed" and "The Cent of Money."


Green Fish

The Green Fish was seen entering the Salty Spitoon. He had multiple tattoos, and SpongeBob pretended to be one of the tattoos.

Orange Fish

The Orange Fish got into a fight with the Purple Fish and was allowed to go in.

Purple Fish

The Purple Fish got into a fight with the Orange Fish. He then entered the Salty Spitoon.

Brown Fish

The Brown Fish was first in line, and was allowed in. As he had a bowl of nails for breakfast, without any milk.


See Purple Wrestler and Jim (Wrestler)


See Reg

Scaly Fish

Reg asked if the Scaly Fish was bothering SpongeBob, just before the fake fight with Patrick.

Construction Worker

See Construction worker

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