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Tony Fast I is a legendary boat driver. He appears in the episode "The Hot Shot." He has a son named Tony Fast Jr.


Tony Fast is a fish who is tall and light blue, with a dark-blue dorsal fin. He is very muscular and has a black mustache. He is seen wearing a light green bandana, a brown leather race jacket, and green jeans. He wears a red cap with his initials on it and black shoes that are similar to SpongeBob's.


Tony Fast is presumably one of the best boat drivers of Bikini Bottom and even lives in a mansion. Tony Fast owns many expensive boats including one of his best ones: the Baytona Classic.

At some point, his wife gave birth to Tony Fast Jr.

He and his wife later had at least one other son.[1]


Tony Fast is first seen when he introduces his son to Mrs. Puff, and he lets him join her boating school. Tony Fast is not seen again until the end when he learns that Tony Fast Jr. is in a high-speed chase using one of his racing boats. Tony Fast angrily catches up to his son and SpongeBob, and a scared Tony Fast Jr. urges SpongeBob to get away. However, they end up crashing into Mrs. Puff's boating school, and it is unknown what happens to Tony Fast or his son after that.



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