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Tony Fast senior
Tony Fast
General Information
Address: "The Fast's Mansion"
Interests: Racing
Occupation(s): Formerly boating racer
Aliases: Mr. Fast
Physical Appearance
Gender: Male
Children: Tony Fast Jr. (son)
Series Information
First appearance: "The Hot Shot"
Portrayer: Thomas F. Wilson
List of characters

Tony Fast Sr. is a legendary boat driver. He appeared in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode The Hot Shot. His son is "Tony Fast Jr." Tony Fast is a parody of Dale Earnhardt.


Tony Fast is tall, blue, and has a mustache.


Tony Fast is presumbly one of the best boat drivers of Bikini Bottom and even lives in a mansion. Tony Fast owns many expensive boats including one of his best ones: the Baytona Classic.


Tony Fast is first seen where he introduced his son to Mrs. Puff and he let him join her boating school. Tony Fast isn't seen again until the end where he learns that Tony Fast Jr. is in a high speed chasing using one of his racing boats. Tony Fast angrily catches up to his son and SpongeBob and a scared Tony Fast Jr. urges SpongeBob to get away. However, they end up crashing into Mrs. Puff's boating school and it is unknown what happened to Tony Fast or his son after that.

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