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Todd SquarePants
Todd SquarePants
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Yellow
Eye color: Blue
Classification: Sponge
Grandparents: Grandpa SquarePants (Grandpa)
Grandma SquarePants (Grandma)
Aunts: Margaret SquarePants (By marriage)
Uncles: Sherm SquarePants
Harold SquarePants
Blue SquarePants
Cousins: SpongeBob SquarePants
BlackJack SquarePants
Stanley SquarePants
Larry SquarePants
Ancestors: SpongeBuck SquarePants
Primitive Sponge
Other relatives: Unnamed 1st Cousin 2x removed
SpongeTron (1st Cousin several times removed)
Friends: SpongeBob
Series information
Appearance: The Never-Ending Stay (book)
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Todd SquarePants is one of SpongeBob's cousins. He is very messy because in the book The Never-Ending Stay, he takes off his socks and it is so smelly that Squidward tried to complain but SpongeBob did not let him. When SpongeBob and Patrick came back from 120 Conch Street (Patrick's house) there were smelly socks and pizzas everywhere.


He was born to an unknown Mr. and Mrs. SquarePants.

When he was an adult, he stayed with SpongeBob for a few days.


  • "Can I come in?"
  • "You don't mind if I stay for a few days, do you?"
  • "SpongeBob! it's me, your cousin, Todd!


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