Series information
Season: 2
3 (Starting October 5)
Episodes Premiered: 25
Previous Year: 2000
Next Year: 2002

Year 2001 was a common year starting on Monday. This is the first year of SpongeBob to have a 3-month hiatus. This one was from May 5 to August 14. Other years that had 3-month hiatuses include 2002, 2003, and 2005. Shanghaied aired on March 9, 2001, but its partner episode, "Gary Takes a Bath" didn't air for another 2 years until July 26, 2003. 2001 was also the first year to have a premiere week of episodes, starting with "Survival of the Idiots" and "Dumped" on March 5, 2001 and ending with "Shanghaied" on March 9.

Date Event(s)
February 17 "Wormy" and "Patty Hype" premiered.
March 5 "Survival of the Idiots" and "Dumped" premiered.
March 6 "Grandma's Kisses" and Squidville" premiered.
March 7 "No Free Rides" and "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" premiered.
March 8 "Pressure" and "The Smoking Peanut" premiered.
March 9 "Shanghaied" premiered.
March 14 Legend of the Lost Spatula was released.
May 1 The SpongeBob SquarePants Series became 2 years old.
May 5 "Prehibernation Week" and "Life of Crime" premiered.
July 1 A Christmas Coral was published.
August 13 SuperSponge was released in Europe.
August 14 Original Theme Highlights was released.
September 7 "The Secret Box" and "Band Geeks" premiered.
September 13 Nicktoons Nick Tunes was released.
September 21 "Sailor Mouth" and "Artist Unknown" premiered.
September 24 Operation Krabby Patty was released.
September 28 "Jellyfish Hunter" and "The Fry Cook Games" premiered.
October 5 "Just One Bite" and "The Bully" premiered.
October 12 "Squid on Strike" and "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm" premiered.
November 5 SuperSponge was released in the United States.
November 30 "Procrastination" and "I'm with Stupid" premiered.