Time capsule souvenirs are cheap trinkets and toys that Mr. Krabs sells for the Krusty Krab time capsule. They appear in the episode "Buried in Time."


The souvenir stand is a type of backpack that Mr. Krabs wears on his body. He keeps all the money he "earns" in his head.

Items sold

  • Key chain - This item was made of rusty paperclips and cardboard. A cheap deal, not really a key chain.
  • Coupon for a free ice cube with the purchase of a large cola - This came only after Mr. Krabs sold his keychain.
  • Lime green foam finger
  • "Time capsule rules" T-shirt
  • Umbrella
  • Red cap
  • Question mark coin purse
  • Time capsule figurine
  • Krabby Patty water bottles

Known customers

  • Frankie Billy - He is going to buy a key chain but says it was a rip-off, so Mr. Krabs offers him a coupon for one free ice cube at the Krusty Krab. Frankie Billy takes the offer.