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Time Capsule Souvenirs

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Time Capsule Souvenirs
Time Capsule Souvenirs
First appearance: "Buried in Time"
Latest appearance: "Buried in Time"

Time Capsule Souvenirs are cheap trinkets and toys Mr. Krabs sells for the Krusty Krab time capsule. They only appear in the episode "Buried in Time."


The souvenir stand is a type of backpack Mr. Krabs wears on his body. He keeps all the cash he "earns" in his head.

Items sold

  1. Keychain - This item was made of rusty paperclips, and cardboard. (a cheap deal, not really a keychain)
  2. Coupon for a free ice cube with the purchase of a large cola - This came, only after Mr. Krabs sold his keychain.
  3. Lime Green Foam Finger
  4. "Time Capsule Rules" T-Shirt
  5. Umbrella
  6. Red Cap

Known customers

  1. Nat Peterson - He was going to buy a key chain but said it was a rip off so Mr. Krabs offered him a coupon for one free ice cube at the Krusty Krab. Nat took the offer.

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