The thunder tiki is a destructible item that only appears in the console versions of the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom. Overall, it has a negative attitude and does not like to be bothered.




Early beta version of the thunder tiki[1]

The Thunder Tiki is an overall red color, with a constantly changing vibrancy. The top of its head is rimmed with yellow rectangular planks. The top of the snorting tiki is a tan, pentagonal board, thus the basic shape of the tiki is a pentagonal prism. On the top-middle of the face is a trapezoid-shaped board painted yellow. In the middle of this board is the tiki's trademark design, a red lightning bolt. Below this is the oddly shaped, tan nose. The nose has black nose holes, rimmed with red. On each side of the yellow plank is a tan eye, with a black pupil surrounded with white. Ringing each eye are very small planks, most of them being red, yet quite a few of them happen to be white. Below the nose is a red, pentagonal board. The top of this board is rimmed with a very thin ring of light tan. Everything else is red. The tiki has no ears or mouth. The tiki also has an almost hourglass curve to it.

When touched, the colors get darker, and the colors flash from the mentioned pallet to an even darker color selection, then to a bluish color pallet, then the aforementioned darker color selection, then it repeats at a faster pace, until the tiki obliterates into nothing. While storming, a thunder cloud rumbles above it, and blue lightning shoots out, adding to its strongly-tempered attitude.

Methods of destruction

The Thunder Tiki can be broken in the same ways a wood tiki can be broken, plus a new method that is unique to the Thunder Tiki. If a character walks up to the tiki and touches it, the disturbed Thunder Tiki will start to "storm", and after approximately three seconds, the Thunder Tiki will explode, harming anything too close to it.

If the player attempts to harm it any other way, it will explode as soon as they do. If there is a row of the bad-tempered tikis, one explosion will cause a chain reaction, setting off the others if they are close enough.

The Thunder Tiki can destroy any other tikis next to it, too, including the tough Stone Tiki. If Patrick is able to pick one up and throw it at another tiki before it explodes, then the raging tiki will successfully destroy the other tikis.

Sandy's lasso, SpongeBob's bubble bowl, and SpongeBob's cruise bubble are safe methods for destroying Thunder Tikis.

Appearances in levels

The thunder tiki first appears in the level Jellyfish Fields, in the area known as Jellyfish Caves. Since then, it has appeared in every non-boss fight level. Here is a list of all of its level appearances: