• Hello. This is my second overall review and it's on the newest episode Kenny the Cat. This episode introduces SpongeBob's newest obsession for this "superhero". It is kinda freaky at first but honestly, this episode wasn't that bad.

    In the beginning, Squidward notices SpongeBob take in a big breath of air and wants more Krabby Patties. But ends up getting a face full of air.

    "Wow! That's the longest I've held my breath! Three whole seconds!"

    Really? I'm pretty sure in other episodes like Banned in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob held his breath for much longer. Anyway, SpongeBob holds his breath for to long and Mr. Krabs has to be the one to wake him up. Heh heh, he used the Krabby Patty Secret Formula to do that actually. SpongeBob explains he is now worshiping Kenny the Cat: A cat that can hold his breath underwater for a very long time. Sounds suspicious there! And SpongeBob's obesssion starts to grow.

    "Oh! That Kenny the Cat! Well, he's a sensationality!"

    Mr. Krabs will remember anyone if it involves money in any way. SpongeBob is excited to hear Kenny the Cat is visiting Bikini Bottom and Mr. Krabs wants him there. So, SpongeBob heads to Sandy's Treedome and nearly dies without water. SpongeBob has the concept backwards by holding in his breath out of water.

    "Cats are no good scandrals!"

    Sandy sure doesn't like cats. Though it is somewhat explainable since, in real life by the way, cats and squirrels will tend to fight if it comes down to it. SpongeBob then leaves her treedome thinking she is jealous of Kenny the Cat. SpongeBob (now joined by Patrick) are awaiting Kenny the Cat.

    "You do know that Kenny won't be here until 10? Tommorrow morning? Hopeless..."

    Lol, I love how Nat is getting some speaking roles this season and pretty much drilled a hole into SpongeBob's obession. SpongeBob continues talking Kenny the Cat with Patrick (heh, Pocket Taco) and Patrick starts to get a little weirded out! And here comes the face paint!

    "Sweet Neptune! SpongeBob, I'm going to go now! You're obession is getting weird!

    Well put, Patrick. SpongeBob even got a tatto of Kenny the Cat (but this is a kids show so it has to be temporary fortunately). Yeesh, SpongeBob's face paint is a little creepy. It's now daytime and everyone is waiting for Kenny the Cat. Cool, Kenny signed Harold's fin (another background character who is pretty major in the series) and now for SpongeBob. Kenny appears to be hungry and SpongeBob is eager to take his hero to the Krusty Krab.

    "And I have time to take each and every one of yer dollars!"

    Mr. Krabs' obession with money is even more creepier than SpongeBob's Kenny the Cat obession and will continue to happen! Wait! What was that?! Something came out of Kenny the Cat's back! He quickly puts it back before anyone (mainly SpongeBob) could notice. Kenny says he has to go to the bathroom and in the bathroom, Kenny reveals an air tank from his back!

    "This gets uncomfrontable after awhile"

    His first lines and those first lines reveals he is a phony! SpongeBob catches him using his air tank to relieve him of air and the poor Sponge is heartbroken. The only good thing is that SpongeBob is getting rid of his obession for Kenny the Cat for good but the "superstar" begs SpongeBob not to tell saying he was a nobody up shore. SpongeBob relunctly agrees and Kenny goes back to signing autographs. Uh oh, Sandy is here!

    "How do you hold your breath for so long?"

    Looks like Sandy is suspicious of Kenny. She continues talking about air which makes Kenny go nuts! Kenny uses the air tank in front of everyone and all of the customers leave. SpongeBob tells Kenny that he is the only cat that likes water and he leaves off excited.

    So, overall, this episode wasn't that bad. It kinda had some good moments but others that threw it off a bit. This episode isn't as good as of Season 9 but it didn't completely bomb. My only complaint is that Sandy was pretty stale in this episdoe comparied to others. I am looking forward to watching any other episodes.

    Best Moments: Nat's speaking cameo

    Worst Moments: SpongeBob's "Kenny the Cat" obsession; Sandy's role

    So-So Moments: Kenny the Cat (character); Patrick's role; Mr. Krabs' role

    Overall Score: 5.5/10

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    • Pros:

      New Episode; New Character; Nat Speaking; Superhero/superstar; Good Bakcground Music (APM)


      Sandy's Attitude; The obsession for Kenny (entire episode); the painting scene; Kenny's behavior; Mr. Krabs' role; Kenny's voice (I know Biz Markie did the voice, but still, he sounded drunk)

      This episode had 5.6 million viewers. In relative terms, the entire state of Colorado.

      5.6 million viewers.

      I can predict why:

      1) Right before KCA

      2) New episode since It Came from Goo Lagoon (1 month)

      3) New Character

      This episode has had the most viewers in season 9. SpongeBob You're Fired came in as #2.

      Overall Score: 6/10

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    • What about Fuzzy Acorns? He was able to hold his breath for a long time in The Way of the Sponge.

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    • Not really. He needed a helmet after just a few minutes.

      (Even though he said he had trained himself to go hours w/out air)

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