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    17:20, May 3, 2014

    I feel that SpongeBob has so many offensive and poor quality episodes as of now that some of them deserve to get banned. In my opinion, they should ban at least these 11 Episodes from future air play:

    1) One Coarse Meal: Treats suicide as a joke.

    2) A Pal For Gary: SpongeBob gets away with animal negelect and the neglectee is blamed for it, plus disturbing images. 

    3) The Splinter: This episode is nothing but disturbing imagery.

    4) SpongeBob, You're Fired: Glorifies mistreatment of the unemployed.

    5) Breath of Fresh Squidward: Lousy attempt to justify Squidward's toorture goes totally backwards.

    6) Squid Baby: Treats a very real head injury as a joke.

    7) Squid's Visit: Psychological horror 101

    8) Face Freeze: Nothing but scary faces.

    9) Stuck in the Wringer: All-around badly written, and makes fun of a real life problem that often leads to amputation.

    10) Boating Buddies: Glorifies stalking.

    11) Pet Sitter Oat: Glorifies animal abuse.

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