• Your photo is very good. I appreciate your involvement. However, flaws still pertain, and I am in the middle of fixing them. I am not asking you to fix these, since I, as an admin, will do this for you, I will fix them. I saw these flaws, and want you to note on them, so you can upload better pictures, that don't need help for Easter, and Mother's Day. 

    These are the flaws:

    Above your picture, your name was not in bold.

    Neutral is too large.

    Your photo, and the others (except the first) all have "added by"

    Next to your photo, it says "By Sandycheeksisawesome" It should be in blue, and at the bottom of your picture (underneath it).

    Do not fear. I'm either going to fix it, or have 120d and myself fix the rich code. Just remember this, and you can succeed in the future for other contests!

    Happy Editing!

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