• Someboby edited something wrong in two places. I'm trying to edit it back to normal but it will only let me edit one of them. I feel that it should be edited with the right information though. In the episode spongebob was trying to contact the "un-living", specifically the "ghost of rusty rickets". But someone edited the page to say that he was trying to contact the, "holy sandwich spirits". Which was not in the episode and, might of been an insult to christianity. As the holy spirit is a christian belief. I'm new here so I am still learning how to do things and only knew how to edit one of them.      It was said two times but i could only change one back to normal. SO if anyone could lend a helping hand and explain to me how to do so it would be much apreciated. It is in the top segment  under the title of the episode and page. Thank you.

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    • I'll do it

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