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    03:07, April 29, 2016

    How do we know the date of the events during the episode was in March 2017?

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    • One of the items in the Khrome Krab is a calender, with reads "March 6, 2017". The Timecard reads 2000 Years Later, which is an exact.

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    • Oh I see, thanks.

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    • Acually the calender in the future Krusty Krab says March 6, 4017 and Squidward was frozen for 2,000 years so Squidward got frozen on March 6, 2017 unless they mean around 2,000 years and the event happened closer to date of the airing of the episode.

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    • The Khrome Krab's calendar read March 6, 4017; this means that the events took place at first on March 6, 2017, three and a half years from now. When the French Narrarator said, "2,000 Years Later", he did mean it by an exact amount (unless the Earth's orbit and days are longer than from 2017, then it has to be earlier than March 6, 4017). I don't think it takes place in March 6, 2017; that's a lazy estimate. It has to be earlier than that.

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    • Maybe he was frozen in 1999 (when the episode aired) and they mean it not exactly 2,000 years.

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    • It probably isn't EXACTLY 2000 years

      Then again, I wouldn't know

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    • If the show did take place in the "then" present day of 1999, during the first season and it was the year 4017, that means Squidward was frozen for 2,018 years!

      But if the show took place in 2017 during the first season (which would've been 18 years later) and the show somehow gets cancelled next year, (seeing how it'll be 2017) that means the final season of the series would be set in the year 2035.

      I heard that the series isn't ending until 2019, so the show would end, set in the year 2037. Then maybe they could do an episode about global warming or the sea levels rising. I bet when it does become the year 4017, we'll see the Squird that got frozen in 1999 or 2017, depending on the whole "2,000 years later..." or 'More than 2,000 years later...".

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    • please do not necropost.

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