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    15:35, July 18, 2013

    Well since Squidward's jelousy, anger, and selfishness has gone through the show, my little brother decided to write a little script that has him change his ways. He calls it "Life's not fair" (Spongebob turns into lean mean insultive killing machine called spongebulk (same shape but the squiggles are straightend all over his body with a color of green) from all the insults that squidward has made) here's a little taste of the end

    Squidward: (whimpering) Spongebob w-w-w-wh-wh-what are you doing?

    Spongebulk: giving you your nap (in anger) your eternal nap! Squidward never nice to Spongebob!

    Squidward: (gasp)

    Spongebulk: NOW SPONGEBOB WILL MAKE HIM STOP LIVING IN BIKINI BOTTOM FOREVER! (Screams as he is about to kill squidward)

    (Crowd gasps)

    Squidward: (whimpers), (Cries) SPONGEBOB I'M SORRY TRULY SINCERELY SORRY!

    (Spongebulk holds his knife back)

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    • Yeah....this is inappropriate for a child-friendly wiki like this. I'm going to remove this now.

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