SpongeBob SquarePants

You're least favriots cahrictars do your top 10

    • I'd say...

      1. 10. Spongebob- only in a few episodes. He seriously breaks character and says something else lame and idiotic
      2. 9. Patrick- don't you just hate it when he goes against Spongebob?
      3. 8. Plankton- he may be funny and all, but now he goes dark and suicidal.
      4. 7. The Trenchbillies- they are so annoying and they creep us out
      5. 6. Pearl- what a total b***h hop she is, nowadays, she has a 'new' attitude and what happened to her old one?
      6. 5. Larry- he is seriously dumb in this new series. What happened to the old one we know and love?
      7. 4. Anyone who despises Spongebob in Stuck in a Wringer- tell ya what, the Bikini Bottomites were really stupid. They told him 'Spongebob deserves what he gots." So stupid.
      8. 3. Puffy Fluffy- that jerk who evolved into an eel was bad, but Spongebob didn't blame him. He will get his...
      9. 2. Mrs. Puff- she is really a dork in the new series. I mean, all she cares about nowadays, is killing Spongebob. We know Spongebob is a wreck less driver, but she would get into custody if she ever were to do that.
      10. 1. Mr. Krabs- what a cheap dumbass he is. All he does is steal people's riches and money for no apparent reason. I ain't looking forward to seeing One Coarse Meal, Whale of a Birthday, Patty Caper, or any other stupidly lame episode where his cheapish nature is shown in ever again...
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    • but where's the DUEAAAAAAAAAAHGGGGH fish


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    • Please DO NOT spam.

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