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    Mr.  Krabs was being his normal cheap, selfish self in the Krusty Krab. A customer walked in, ( the same customer that screamed CHOCOLATE! In that one episode ) and dropped a wad of cash, Mr. Krabs instantly zipped towards the money, not even giving a chance for the customer to realize he dropped the money. The customer walked up to the register where Squidward was waiting, he asked to order a krabby patty and reached for his money, which he realized he didn’t have.  All of a sudden the customer got frantic, he started ripping up the floorboards in a fit of rage, he took a ketchup bottle, started jamming it up a small fishes ass and then squeezed all of the ketchup into his anus and started screaming, “WHERE THE FUCK IS MY MONEY YOU GREASY ASSHOLES? GIVE ME MY MONEY OR I SWEAR TO SWEET FUCKING JESUS I WILL TEAR THIS PLACE APART AND FUCK THAT GREEDY BASTARD KRABS IN THE ASS”.

    After that statement the fish started throwing the previously ripped up floorboards at Squidwards face, some of the floorboards we’re lodged in his forehead and this made Squidward pass out on the ground. Unfortunately for Squidward, the customer wasn’t done yet. The customer proceeded to saw off Squidwards tentacles and started to feed them to Garry (which was in the restaurant at the time). After feeding all of Squidwards tentacles to Garry the customer stomped over to Mr. Krabs’ steel office door and smashed it open with one, angry mother fucking kick. The customer was horrified by what he saw when he broke down the door, he saw Mr. Krabs shoving his dick through a pile of cash, he also saw that there was a strange white fluid on the bills. But this didn’t stop the customer, he walked over to Mr. Krabs and picked him up. Mr. Krabs said startled, “What are ye doin laddy, put me down right now before I swab the deck wit ye”. The customer ignored him and moved into the kitchen, breaking down the door that led to it in the process. He walked over to the sink, Mr. Krabs flailing wildly in his hands. “THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE GET WHEN I DON’T MAGICALLY HAVE MY MONEY IN MY POCKET”, after that phrase the fish jammed Mr. Krabs’ foot into the garbage disposal and turned it on, Mr. Krabs screamed wildly seeing his foot be grinded into a thin mash. “TIME FOR THE OTHER FOOT!”, the customer yelled. “NO, NOT ME OTHER FOOT, HOW COULD YE?”, the customer jammed the other foot into the garbage disposal, Mr. Krabs passed out at that point.

    The angry customer threw Mr. Krabs down and said, “I SWEAR TO LIVING JESUS IF I EVER FIND MY MONEY MISSING AGAIN YOU GREASY ASS CRAB, I WILL NOT HESITATE TO GRIND THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR ASS”,  he left after that, still pissed off like before.  Mr. Krabs assumed the fetal position and sat there for the rest of the day, his two feet bleeding and mangled. He went to sleep when it was night and when he woke up he was in a hospital bed, his legs replaced by wooden stumps. Squidward was also in the hospital, his head heavily bandaged. Mr. Krabs was horrified to notice the same customer from previously peek his head through the door, half his head showing. The fish said, his eyes bloodshot “I will kill you Krabs, if I so much as loose a cent, even if I’m not near your restaurant”. He slowly retracted from behind the door and closed it, very slowly. Mr. Krabs looked over at a poster on the wall and realized he had to take a shit. He tried getting out of the bed but only succeeded in being a dumbass, falling off of the bed, and getting an x-acto knife shoved in his ass.

    With a groan Mr.Krabs after figiting around pulled the knife that was loged in his anal cavity, and throws it. It just so happens to stab squidward in the fleshy limp that remained of squidwards tentical. Mr.Krabs slowly begins walking toward the bathroom with a widened asshole after the knife pierced his anal cavity. As he enters the door to the bathroom he trips on the door and falls face forward only to have his extended claw land on a penny that happened to be laying on the floor, when he looked up he saw the same angry customer staring down on him, his eyes bloodshot "KRABS YOU GREEDY FUCKING PENNY PINCHING CUNT" the customer instantly stomps on Mr.Krabs' claw into the ground causing it to flatten into a red pancake. "I WILL GIVE YOU ONE MORE WARNING KRABS" The customer said "BUT NOW YOU MUST PAY THE PRICE". With that the angry customer goes outside and chucks Mr.Krabs into his Garbage Truck and begins smashing him. He continues this for a full hour and finally stops. The customer takes the barley conscious Mr.Krabs and shoves him into the hospital bed "Krabs, if I are to see as much as ONE PENNY missing from my wallet, I WILL TOURTURE YOU FOR HOURS ON END, DON'T THINK I WON'T EUGENE, The angry customer pulls out a 10 foot butcher knife out of his anal cavity. "THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING KRABS, DON'T--FUCK--UP". The customer lunges at Mr.Krab's butcher knife in hand causing Mr.Krabs to flinch, as soon as he opens his eyes again the customer has mysteriously disappeared. Mr.Krabs falls unconscious.

    Mr. Krabs is at home after the horrifying incident at the hospital, his feet aching in pain, his anus swollen from the infection he received from the shit-encrusted x-acto knife. He got up from his chair and went to his sink to get a drink, when he noticed something reflected in the window where his sink was. It was Tom. He was standing there, the 10 foot butcher knife in hand. Mr. Krabs was terrified, he turned around, grabbing a spoon to fend off the attacker; when he noticed something, Tom wasn’t there. Mr. Krabs was shaking at this point, holding the rusty spoon he was going to defend himself with.  He decided it would be best to go to sleep, maybe this was all just some joke. A twisted joke in which a crazy fuck named Tom decides to go on a manhunt because he keeps losing his money.   With that thought drifting in Mr.Krabs’ mind, he attempted to sleep, still shaking from the previous encounter. Mr. Krabs woke with a startling discovery, it was Tom, standing at the edge of Mr.Krabs’ bed. Menacingly watching him with bloodshot eyes. “I’m going to kill you, krabs. If I don’t receive proper payment tomorrow there will be nothing left of you when I’m done”. He vanished after saying that. Mr.Krabs still in bed, shaking even more now. What did he mean by payment? Mr.Krabs thought about what he might of wanted and then realized. It was chocolate. The sweet, brown, individually packaged wrappers of solidified sugar was all Tom wanted, but where would Mr.Krabs find it?

    He woke up that morning, tired, his eyes a deep pink from the sleepless night. He brushed his teeth and then slipped on a rubber duck, falling to the ground and cracking his shell at his temple. He got up and then realized his foot was in a hole on the wooden floorboards. He heard a loud snap, then fell over, his prosthetic leg stuck in the wooden hole. What was left of the leg he once had was a jagged edge, he put the prosthetic leg back on and wept in the corner for 7 hours straight. By the end of it, there was a massive pool of tears on the ground. Mr.Krabs finally got up. Then slipped in the pool of tears and let out a moan. He proceeded to get up, only to be a dumbass and slip in the pool once again. At that point he was frustrated, he kept trying to get up out of the pool of tears but only succeeded in being a dumbass 5-7 times before he finally got up, grabbed a rubber dildo that was sticking out of the wall, and stood there. After that Mr.Krabs went to the stairs, he went down the first step, so far so good. The second step, the third, and then he tripped down the stairs. Fracturing his penis, cracking his elbow, tearing his left nut partially off, getting a splinter in his anus, getting garrys shell stuck up his ass, and getting shot in his left ass cheek by a shotgun left conveniently on the ground. When the pain subsided, he finally mustered up enough strength to crawl his greasy ass to his refrigerator. When he got to the front of the fridge he noticed it was shaking violently back and forth, Mr. Krabs didn’t know what to do, and before he could react. The refrigerator fell on top of Mr.Krabs. Mr.Krabs let out a moan and sat there, motionless. 

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    • What the heck? This should be removed. It is like, a creepypasta.

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