• Okay so I don't know if II'm the only one experiencing this right now, but for some reason the episode tabs that display the gallery and transcripts subpages aren't displaying atop the page for me anymore. Here's a screenshot for reference:
    Episode tabs not displaying

    Is anyone else having this problem right now?

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    • Spongebob456 removed the tab according to the edit history of the Episode template. And yeah, I can not call it something controversial. I mean, we still have the links of the tabs inside the infobox.

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    • I noticed the same thing happening to me originally on The Secret Box page. I thought it was a glitch at first or that it had always been that way, but I guess not.

      Someone (in this case, I'm assuming it was Spongebob456) might have removed them to possibly make the page appear cleaner-looking, or to not have the same things being repeated (as it already appears in the infobox).

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    • A FANDOM user
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