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    04:03, July 15, 2016

    I can`t decide which is my favorite episode of SB! I have to decide between "Frankendoodle" and "Pizza Delivery". Mmm I don`t know man. Pizza Delivery is funnier. Frankendoodle is more creative and clever. What do YOU think?

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    • You said it nicely. Pizza Delivery is definetely more entertaining with its humor, but Frankendoodle has more creativity in its plot. 

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    • Pizza Delivery is awesome. I don't really like the plot of Frankendoodle. The idea of the episode is great, but I don't like the episode. Pizza Delivery is definitely the best there in my opinion. But in my own opinion too, Band Geeks is the best episode. Either Band Geeks, Chocolate, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy |||, The Algae's Always Greener, Jellyfishing, Bubblestand or Graveyard Shift.

      Notice: Every one of those episodes is before the movie. #NewEpisodesAreTerrible:'(

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    • So ye can't decide AYYYYEEE....
      I can't decide ANIMATION Nightwing and Coppertail00:54

      I can't decide ANIMATION Nightwing and Coppertail

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    • In my opinion, Pizza Delivery is better, but both are great.

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    • Phillydan25 wrote:
      In my opinion, Pizza Delivery is better, but both are great.

      )Please don't revive dead threads (I think it's in the rules..?)

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    • This thread hasn't been replied to in almost 2 years.

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