• Three people by the names of MasterMegaMaster301, Light Matter, and Bob the Blob invaded the chatroom today while RoadRunner1, SpongeyFAN and I were trying to have a peaceful conversation. The three went absolutely insane and spammed the chatroom with nonsensical messages. Whenever they weren't typing gibberish, they were actually typing blank messages--hundreds of them. We all tried to get them to stop, because we couldn't see anything for their blank messages and gibberish. One of them replied saying, "Yeah, and you aren't going to see anything," and they continued. We actually had to go to private chat. They've finally stopped, but they all called each other "retards" before leaving. SpongeyFAN and I agreed we should report them all. He agreed to go to Tanhamman, and I went to you, and now I'm here. Could you please take care of these three?

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